10 ways to use your Daykeeper Datebook



In 2010, when the idea of the Daykeeper first came into mind, I didn’t really have too much structure in my life. I was fresh out of college and had my very first brush of real independence. I was travelling, sort of on my own, trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life! I was,quite literally, taking things one day at a time.

Without much of a schedule, I kept a notebook to write down the things that made me smile in a day, and the habit just stuck with me. When I started working, I needed an agenda to help me keep track of my deadlines and work goals but I also I wanted to make sure I kept writing my daily gratitude list. I had a hard time finding a notebook that suited my needs, so I decided to take matters into my own hands...and voila! The Daykeeper was born!


Here are 5 ways you can use your Daykeeper :

1.) Keep track of your schedule and monthly goals with the 2 page monthly calendar spread.  You can also use some of the blank space on top of the calendar to write down your priorities for the month, or you could scribble down favourite quotes, or paint/doodle on the borders!

2.) Use the blank page adjacent to the weekly planner to keep track of the list of “Things that made you smile” in a day or better put, your gratitude list. We listened to your requests and left the adjacent weekly page unmarked and blank, because making a gratitude list doesn’t have to feel like a chore. We understand that a daily log isn’t for everyone. So the blank page allows you to write down your list as many times in a week as you’d like.

3.) Use the dated weekly planner to keep a more detailed daily schedule or a short 3 item gratitude list so you can use the adjacent blank page for.....

4.) Artwork and Calligraphy -
Our Pages are able to hold calligraphy ink and watercolor art really well, with very minimal or no bleeding at all!

5.) Scrapbooking photographs, flowers, tickets and other memorabilia- If you prefer documenting what you’re grateful for through Polaroids and trinkets, rather than words, you can choose to press/ paste your treasures into the Daykeeper’s pages as well.

6.) Journaling and reflecting on the featured key bible verse. - The heart of the Daykeeper, is for women to get into the word of God. The un-spelled out verse encourages one to crack open her bible to discover refreshing truths and rock solid promises herself.

7.) Write a letter to your future self at the start of the year and read one year later! The Daykeeper has a page dedicated to this special letter that will motivate you to be the person your future self will be proud of!

8.) Kickstart your major projects with the project manager feature that’ll help you look into your whys and break down your big goals into more doable and specific action steps.

9.) Send out postcards to the people you are most grateful for.  Let your gratitude exercise come full circle by telling your people why you are grateful to have them in your life. Go the extra mile and hand over the card in person over a cup a cup of coffee.

10.) Use as a sun shield.
- When you’re at the park, wanting cover your face from the sun as you nap, the Daykeeper has you covered.

Happy journaling with The Daykeeper!

“I don’t think of the Datebook as just a planner. For starters, it doesn’t really look like one. I’d like to think of it more as a book. A journal. But still, with enough extra pages to function as an agenda. As a big book lover, I wanted a notebook that actually looked and felt like a book. At 6x8, I feel like the Daykeeper is the perfect size. The textured cover also makes it feel like an old novel you would pull out of a library. I’m also one who likes to dog-ear and scribble on the sides of my books and also find lined pages and boxes a tad too formal and constrictive- hence, the unlined page! You’ll find a blank page adjacent to the marked weekly planner. Also, a dedicated blank page for your musings, after each monthly divider. Because really, nothing is more exciting that a blank page. The possibilities are endless! The datebook designs don’t take up all the space in the planner. There is room for your thoughts and your art to breathe. The Daykeeper provides prompts and bits of inspiration...the rest is up to you to write.” - Katrina , Daykeeper Creative Director