This book is pure magic. Use it for a year and gain a fresh pair of eyes as you  wander and wonder through the adventure that is  everyday life. 

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We'd love to see how you're exploring (whether it be at the old cafe around your neighbourhood or on top of a mountain half way across the world) with your datebook.  Share how you're living the little things with #thedaykeeper.

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Datebook contentQ: What does the datebook look like on the inside? Can I get a sneak peek of the inside pages?A: Please click on the link below for...
10 ways to use your Daykeeper Datebook

10 ways to use your Daykeeper Datebook

I don’t think of the Datebook as just a planner. For starters, it doesn’t really look like one. I’d like to think of it more as a book. A journal. But still, with enough extra pages to function as an agenda. As a big book lover, I wanted a notebook that actually looked and felt like a book. At 6x8, I feel like the Daykeeper is the perfect size. The textured cover also makes it feel like an old novel you would pull out of a library. I’m also one who likes to dog-ear and scribble on the sides of my books and also find lined pages and boxes a tad too formal and constrictive- hence, the unlined page! You’ll find a blank page adjacent to the marked weekly planner. Also, a dedicated blank page for your musings, after each monthly divider. Because really, nothing is more exciting that a blank page. The possibilities are endless! The datebook designs don’t take up all the space in the planner. There is room for your thoughts and your art to breathe. The Daykeeper provides prompts and bits of inspiration...the rest is up to you to write.